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Boundary Survey

A boundary re-establishment survey is required when building near or on a boundary to ensure you are building within your lot boundaries.

This may be for a new fence, brick wall or retaining wall or when constructing a garage or building.

It is important not to assume your boundary fence line is the boundary, because in majority of cases this is not the case. Fences are situated approximately on the boundary and may be 100-300mm out of position, and in some cases even more.

Our Licensed Surveyors can mark your boundary accurately, whether you just require one boundary corner or all boundary corners. For larger properties or those with undulating boundaries we can place  additional boundary line pegs as required.

We provide a regulation 25A certificate for each boundary survey which depicts your lot boundaries and improvements adjacent to those boundaries. It also shows the type of survey mark placed and whether it is an offset peg, if the corner was unable to be marked.

Please contact our office to speak with a surveyor should you require a boundary survey of your property.

Boundary Corner
Boundary Corner
Boundary survey peg
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Boundary Survey Certificate

Boundary Survey Certificate - Reg 25A

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