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Subdivision of land is the process of dividing one or more parcels of land or lot into more parcels of land or lots. The resulting land can then be sold or developed.


In Western Australia, the subdivision approval process is governed by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).

Majority of subdivision applications are prepared and submitted by a licensed surveyor on behalf of the owners. The application requires the submission of the Form 1A (application), along with the proposed subdivision plan, the application fee, the certificate of title and a supporting letter covering any required justification to assist with the approval of the application..

The proposed subdivision plan shows the original lot boundary and the proposed subdivision boundaries, lot areas and dimensions, proposed roads or access legs, setbacks from any buildings, and is normally overlaid onto a contour and feature survey (which shows the improvements, services, levels and contours of the lot along with other pertinent information). Other information may be applicable depending on the scale and location of the proposed subdivision.

WAPC have a 90 day statutory period to process any subdivision application. Majority of applications are dealt with within this time frame.

Should approval be granted to subdivide, generally this approval will be subject to a number of conditions.

Once all conditions have been satisfied, final approval can then be applied for, before being able to obtain new titles.

Our Perth Surveyors can undertake a free desktop study of your development property to determine its potential. We also handle the full subdivision process, from design, application and surveying through to approval.

Contact our office to discuss the Perth Subdivision process.


Subdivision Perth by Land Surveyor

Green Title Subdivision - Battleaxe Design

This Green Title subdivision option can retain the existing dwelling, depending on its posiiton on the block.

The location of services has to be considered as sewer or water mains may require extending which can add considerable cost to the subdivision/development.


Surveying Solutions WA can design your subdivision to comply with the residential codes and advise on servicing costs to assist with bugeting your development.

Strata Subdivision | Land Surveyor Perth | Land Surveys Perth

Survey Strata Subdivision - Battleaxe Design

Survey Strata subdivision is a common subdivision option when retaining an existing dwelling and the rear lot is small or the access leg is less than 4 metres in width.


Surveying Solutions WA can design your Survey Strata subdivision taking into consideration minimum outdoor living areas, car parking, required setbacks, minimum lot sizes, storage areas etc.


It is important to get the subdivision design right otherwise it will not comply with the R-Codes and your application may not be approved.

Survey-Strata Subdivision by Surveyor Perth

Survey Strata or Built Strata Subdivision - Battleaxe Design

You may think that retaining your existing dwelling while subdividing is not an option due to its position.


Surveying Solutions WA understands the subdivision requirements to maximise your returns. Why demolish when you can retain and build or retain and subdivide.


Contact our office to speak to a surveyor to advise on how to subdivide your property.

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Green Title Subdivision - Corner Lot

Corner blocks can be subdivided easily into Green Title lots due to adequate street frontage.


You will however have to take into consideration the servicing location. Again a water or sewerage main extension may be required if they are not suitably located.


Surveying Solutions WA can advise if the services for your property are situated favourably or whether they require extending and we can advise on the associated costs for servicing.


Contact our office for additional Perth subdivision information.

Survey-Strata Subdivison with common property

Survey-Strata Subdivision with common property access leg

2 lots into 4

Some times you may not have enough access beside your house to create a rear lot. By combining access with a neighbouring lot can sometimes overcome this providing a good outcome for both lot owners.


Retaining existing dwellings and parking while creating a new access leg between 2 lots and creating 2 additional lots at the rear.


Green Title Subdivision - Side by Side

Green Title Subdivision - side by side

Green title side by side subdivision is one of the most common forms of subdivision.

Generally services will be favourably located to allow a Green title subdivision for little additional cost compared to Survey-Strata.

Please contact our office to discuss your subdivision options.

Survey-Strata Subdivision

Survey-Strata Subdivision - battle-axe - 2 lots into 3

This option is used 2 lots to create an additional lot at the rear while retaining the 2 original dwellings.

This may be undertaken when the effective area at the rear behind one lot is not enough or if the side access between the dwelling and side boundary is not sufficient to provide the minimum 3 metre vehicle access.


Contact our office for additional Perth subdivision information.

Can your property be subdivided? How do I subdivide my block?

How much does it cost to subdivide?

The first step in working out if your property can be subdivided is to check the zoning and area of your block.


This can be done by contacting your Local Authority via a phone call or looking up the information on their website. The Local Authority can usually advise you over the phone if your property can be subdivided. On some occasions you may be advised you can not subdivide, however it would be best to confirm this by contacting our office as the R-Codes provide concessions and variations that may be applicable to achieve your subdivision. The Local Authority does not always disclose these concessions.


The Local Authority will advise what R Code your property is zoned. For example if your property is zoned R 20, the average lot size requirement is 450m2 per lot and a minimum lot size of 350m2. So to subdivide you will typically require a lot of 900m2 to subdivide into 2 lots at a R 20 zoning.


As mentioned above, some variations and concessions may be applicable, so it is possible to subdivide at less than the stated 900m2 for R 20.


Below is the R Code table to assist in determining your property's development potential. If you require assistance with interpreting the R Codes, please feel free to contact our office.

It is important to note that other factors require consideration when deciding to subdivide.

Other factors may include the provision of adequate car parking space when retaining an existing dwelling, or an adequate outdoor living area or meeting the required access leg width for a battle-axe style subdivision.

The cost associated with subdividing varies from suburb to suburb and whether an existing residence is being retained or demolished. Most two lot subdivisions will cost at least $30,000 and can be up to $70,000 or more depending on individual circumstances, servicing and the Local Authority requirements.

Our surveyors can assist with all aspects of the subdivision process and the associated costs of subdividing your property.

We are happy to assist with your initial enquiries or feasibility. Please call to speak to a licensed surveyor.

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2013 R Codes - Residential Design Codes

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