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In August 2013 changes were made to how a 'granny flat' could be used. Previously they were to be used by a family member or owner, however now they can be rented to any individual.


If your property can not be subdivided or an additional grouped dwelling can not be built and your looking at increasing your income or investment return of your property, then you may wish to consider building a ' granny flat'.


To build a 'granny flat' generally your property needs to:

1. Be a minimum of 450m2

2. Have enough area for a 'granny flat'

3. Provide a pedestrian access to it

4. You may have to provide a single car bay for it depending on your properties location to transport routes

5. Have a maximum of 70m2 plot ratio (livable floor area)

6. Comply with other general requirements of the R-Codes


A 70m2 'granny flat' can be a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom unit which can attract a great rental return.


If you want to investigate the possibility of building a 'granny flat' and require additional information regarding construction costs, build timelines etc. then we recommend contacting 'My Granny Flat WA'.


My Granny Flat WA constructs quality 'granny flats' with numerous inclusions at no extra cost for a fixed price.


Surveying Solutions WA - Perth Surveyors, can assist with the initial contour & feature survey of your property which is used to design and position your 'granny flat' and then to mark the boundaries or setout the position of the ' granny flat' with respect to the boundaries.


For further information regarding 'granny flats', please contact My Granny Flat WA.

Granny Flats Perth | Land Surveyors Perth | Land Surveys Perth


M 0405 421 965

PO Box 1007

Joondalup WA 6919






The above is general advice. Please check with your Local Authority regarding your properties capabilities for constructing a 'granny flat'

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