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There are lots of things to consider before & during your subdivision or development. Here are some links that maybe useful. We have also provided a link for each Local Authority website in the metropolitan area and a direct link to their online mapping (if available) which can be used to check your properties zoning. 

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Building Commission | Building Forms | Dividing Fences

Building Commission


Building Commission - Dividing Fences


Building Commission - Building Approval Forms






Dial Before You Dig






Department of Environment Regulation






DFES - Department of Fire & Emerency Services

Link to Map of Bush Fire Prone Areas















Land Surveyors Licensing Board





Main Roads WA


Service Information for Development | Contour Surveys | Feature Surveys
Dept. of Environment | Subdivision Information
Dept. of Fire & Emergency Services | Subdivision Information
Land Corp | Subdivisions
Landgate | Subdivision, Strata and Title Information
Licensed Surveyors Perth  | Land Surveyors Board
Main Roads Subdivision Requirements Perth

SSSI-Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute





State Lands





State Law Publisher




Swan River Trust





WALGA - Local Governent Authorities





Water Corporation





Western Australian Planning Commission





Western Power



Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute for Land Surveyors
Department of Lands | Crown Land Subdivisions
State Acts & Regulations | Land Development
Swan River Trust | Subdivision Requirements
Local Government Information & Links
Western Power | Subdivision Requirements | Underground Power Applications
WA Planning Commission | Subdivision Applications & Requirements
Water Corporation | Land Development | Subdivision Requirements
Land Surveyors Pert
Arexion Fencing & Retaining



City of Armadale Subdivision Requirements
City of Armadale | Surveyor Perth
Town of Bassendean Subdivision Requirements
Town of Bassendean | Surveyor Perth
City of Bayswater Subdivision Requirements
City of Bayswater | Surveyors Perth
City of Belmont Subdivision Requirements
City of Belmont | Surveyor Perth
City of Belmont | Surveyor Perth
Town of Cambridge Subdivision Requirements
Town of Cambridge | Surveyor Perth
City of Canning Subdivision Requirements
City of Canning | Surveying Perth
Town of Claremont Subdivision Requirements
City of Cockburn Subdivision Requirements
City of Cockburn | Perth Surveyors
Town of Cottesloe Subdivision Requirements
City of Cottesloe | Surveyors Perth
Town of East Fremantle.PNG
City of Fremantle subdivision requirements
City of Fremantle | Surveyor Perth
City of Gosnellspppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
City of Fremantle | Surveyors
Surveyors Joondalup | Subdivide Joondalup | Joondalup Surveyor
Kalamunda Surveyors | Perth
City of Kwinana.PNG
Kwinana Surveyors | Perth
Mandurah Surveyors
Mandurah Surveyors | Surveying
Mosman Park Subdivision Requirements | Surveyor Perth
Shire of Mundaring Subdivision Requirements | Mundaring Surveyors
Mundaring Surveyors | Licensed Surveyors
City of Nedlands Subdivision Requirements
Nedlands Surveyors | Surveyor Companies Perth
City of Perth Subdivision Requirements
Perth Surveyors | Subdivisions Perth
Rockingham Surveyors | Subdivision Perth
Rockingham Surveyors | Surveying
Shire of Serpentine-Jarradale.PNG
Serpentine-Jarrahdale Surveyors | Subdivide
City of South Perth Subdivision Requirements
South Perth Surveyors | Subdivide
City of Stirling Subdivision Requirements
Stirling Surveyors Perth | Subdivision Costs
City of Subiaco Subdivision Requirements
Subiaco Surveyors | Perth Surveyor
City of Swan Subdivision Requirements
Swan Surveyors Perth
Town of Victoria Park Subdivision Requirements
Town of Victoria Park Surveyors | Perth Surveyors
City of Vincent Subdivision Requirements
Vincent Surveyors | Perth subdivisions
City of Wanneroo Subdivision Requirements
Wanneroo Surveyors | Subdivision Surveyors
Melville Surveyors
Melville Surveyors | Subdivisions
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