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If you are looking to build or subdivide, then you will require the services of a Licensed Land Surveyor. Surveying Solutions WA is a Perth based Licensed Land Surveying company who provide various surveying services for the general public, builders, architects, designers, real estate agents, engineers, Local Governments and developers.


We pride ourselves on providing quality surveys with an efficient turn around and at a competitive price. We are a reputable and trusted Perth Surveying Company.


We specialise in land subdivisions, strata titles, contour and feature surveys, boundary surveys and various other surveys.


Our Perth land Surveyors can direct your subdivision process to obtain the necessary approvals through to issue of titles.


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If you start your development without the right advice or direction, you may find yourself facing unnecessary delays and costs due to inadequate planning and design.


Surveying Solutions Perth Surveyors can advise or assist you with your development to achieve your objective. Our surveyors knowledge and experience with Local Governments and the Western Australian Planning Commission is invaluable to get you on the right path when starting your subdivision.

As part of our subdivision service, we assess the different forms of subdivision options and associated costs, so you can make an informed decision on the type of subdivision you want to proceed with.

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 Farm land 


A Boundary re-establishment (repeg) survey is undertaken to mark your lot corners or boundary lines for fencing or retaining purposes, boundary disputes, construction purposes, as part of a subdivision or various other purposes.

This survey can only be undertaken by a licensed surveyor.


We provide a Regulation 25A certificate for each boundary re-establishment survey which depicts the marks placed and the position of improvements in relation to the boundaries.


For more information regarding a Boundary Re-establishment survey or to obtain a quotation, please contact our office to speak to one of our surveyors.

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Boundary survey peg


A Contour & Feature survey is also referred to as a Contour Survey, Feature Survey or Site Survey.
A Contour & Feature Survey is required when building, extending, retaining, subdividing, designing or for civil construction.
Local Governments require a Contour & Feature Survey to accompany a Development Application for a new residence or building or for building extensions.

This survey is used by an Architect, Builder, Building Designer, Planner, Surveyor, Engineer etc. to assist with the building design, civil or subdivision design or other purpose. 

The survey details all visible services, major features & vegetation, buildings, levels, contours, verge information, adjacent building profiles including floor levels, windows and levels etc.


Our Contour & Feature Surveys provide all the required information for the Local Authority and your designer/builder as per the R Codes and are based on the Australian Height Datum (AHD).


For more information regarding a Contour & Feature survey or to obtain a quotation, please contact our office to speak to a surveyor.

Contour & Feature survey


If you have an existing pre 1998 single tier strata title, our surveyors can undertake a Survey-Strata Conversion to change your Built Strata to a Survey-Strata Scheme, or we can undertake a Merger by Resolution to merge common property into the Strata Lots or to incorporate buildings onto the Strata Plan. Send an enquiry through our website or call to obtain a free quote and advice for your property from one of our surveyors.


Survey Strata Conversion Plan


We predominately undertake surveys throughout the Perth metropolitan area and surrounding countryside however we can assist with your survey throughout Western Australia.

Although we are based in the northern suburbs, we have surveyors situated north and south of the river so we cover all areas.

This allows us to provide a competitive quote on any metropolitan survey.

We have undertaken recent surveys in Wanneroo, Queens Park, Bayswater, East Victoria Park, Como. Salter Point, Quinns Rocks, Applecross, Churchlands, Kingsley, Warwick, Malaga, Wembley, Gosnells, Parkwood, Treeby, Greenfields, Nollamara, Duncraig, Belmont, Ellenbrook, Mullaloo, Willetton, Parkwood, Warwick and in numerous other suburbs and authorities in the metropolitan area.


for all your boundary surveys perth contact your surveyors perth specialist today

We specialise in various Strata Title and Green Title Subdivisions, contour surveys & boundary surveys:


Built Strata subdivisions

 Survey-Strata subdivisions

 Merger by Resolutions

 Survey-Strata Conversions

 Strata Plan of re-subdivisions


 Green Title Subdivisions


 Contour Surveys | Feature Surveys

 Boundary re-establishment Surveys (repegs)

See our 'Services' for a detailed list of services we provide and a brief explanation of each.



Land Surveys Perth for experienced surveyors in all areas of Land Surveying Perth call Surveying Solutions WA

If you're new to land development, view our information page which details the Perth subdivision, survey-strata and built strata processes.




 built strata

• subdivision flow charts

• information downloads


We also cover frequently asked questions and provide answers to assist you in planning your development.


If you have any further questions, please contact our office to discuss your enquiry.


for information on Property Survey Perth, contour surveys Perth call Surveying Solutions WA today

We have compiled all the links required for your subdivision development on one page, including all the Local Authorities web sites and links to their online mapping.

Service Information for Development | Contour Surveys | Feature Surveys
Dept. of Fire & Emergency Services | Subdivision Information
Water Corporation | Land Development | Subdivision Requirements
Landgate | Subdivision, Strata and Title Information
Western Power | Subdivision Requirements | Underground Power Applications
WA Planning Commission | Subdivision Applications & Requirements
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